Cost Comparison

Conventional vs Zero U RackOrganizers®

We’ve crunched the numbers so that you can see how much better off you’ll be using our intelligently designed cable and rack management products.

Conventional Cost of 1U Server Cabinet Space

The typical cost of 1U space in a 45U server cabinet is $55.17 per U space, and in a 44U four post rack is $31.77 per U. The average of each 1U space then, is $46.63.

The average cost of a conventional 1U Horizontal Cable Manager is $38.10. Therefore:

Average cable management cost is $84.73/U

Compare This Against Our Intelligently Designed Cable Shelf

The price of our Horizontal Zero U Cable Management Shelf is just $21.10 and includes 4 custom velcro cable straps.

Its intelligent design also means that you don’t use up ANY additional rack space, giving you back space in your server cabinet.

Total cable management cost is $21.10

Total cable management savings = $63.63

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Want Even More Savings?

With our intelligently designed cable and rack management products, savings can be replicated across the floor through smart data center optimisation – see how the savings rack up!

Optimizing Server Cabinet Rack Space to Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Optimizing Rack Space and Air Flow in Server Racks and Cabinets

Smart optimization can help you increase rack space and realize significant equipment cost savings. Read our step-by-step guide that shows you how – and how much you could save.

  • How Much Rack Space You Could Save
  • How to Optimize for Maximum Efficiency
  • Savings for New and Retrofit Installations
  • Overall Cost and Space Savings Post-Optimization

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