Data Center Cabinets

AnD Cable Products have partnered with an industry leading data center cabinet manufacturer synonymous with high-performance and efficiency – to bring you a range of IT Cabinets – suitable for Server Rack Systems, Network Rack Systems, Colocation Rack Systems and Custom Rack Systems – Power Distribution Units (PDU), Containment Units, a flexible All-In-One Cabinet and Modular Data Center infrastructure, such as the Data Center in a Box – with intelligent naturaI air cooling that can reduce PUE as low as 1.01 and has been awarded TIER III ready status from Uptime Institute.

Core IT Cabinet Features and Benefits

  • Practical installation design
  • Convenient layouts
  • Adjustable vertical frames
  • Ventilated front and rear doors
  • Printed rail U positions front and back
  • EIA-310-E compliant
  • Custom options available
  • Split ventilated rear door for improved clearance in hot aisle
  • AnD Cable Management Starter Pack included as standard with each cabinet
  • Diverse top panels
  • Front doors
  • Casters
  • 1,365kgs (3,0001bs) static loading, 1,025kgs(2,250[bs) dynamic load
  • UL, CE, ROHS listed
  • Exquisite craftsmanship and design
  • Wide range of accessories – including AnD Cable Products Zero U Cable Management Rack range

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IT Cabinets, Power and Accessories

  • Server Rack Systems
  • Network Rack Systems
  • Colocation Rack Systems
  • Custom Rack Systems
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Power Cord Kits
  • Accessories – including Zero U Cable Management Rack range
  • Custom Cable Kits
  • A150 Monitoring System

Containment Units

Airflow containment for data center efficiency optimization

  • Structure – built-on-rack or independent
  • Ceiling – flip ceiling, drop-off ceiling and exhaust chimney
  • Door – swing door, manual sliding door or automatic door

All-In-One Cabinet

Fully integrated in one cabinet:

  • Electric
  • Cooling
  • Security
  • Monitoring system

Add-on accessories available – including Zero U Cable Management Rack range

Save Time & Money Stable, Reliable & Scalable

Prefabricated Modular Data Center

  • Factory Assembled and Tested
  • Highly efficient direct air cooling with evaporation
  • pPUE as low as 1.01
  • Reduction on both CAPEX & OPEX
  • Low- and high-density
  • Indoor and outdoor environments

Included Components:

  • IT Equipment
  • Natural Air Cooling System
  • Cold Aisle
  • Exhaust/Return Air

Modular Data Center (MDC) – Low-Density

  • 2 to 20 Racks
  • Evaporation & DX Cooling 5 – 10 kW Power Per Rack

Modular Data Center (MDC) – High-Density

  • Indoor or Outdoor Locations
  • 1 to 40 Racks
  • Evaporation & DX Cooling
  • 10 – 35 kW Power Per Rack

Modular Data Center (MDC) – Outdoor

  • 5G Air Moving Module
  • Outdoor Locations
  • 6 or 16 Racks
  • Evaporation / DX Cooling 2 – 10 kW Power Per Rack

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