Modular Data Center (MDC)

Our modular data center solutions help to address increasing demand for scaling up, improving efficiencies and expanding services. With intelligent and efficient designs, our customers can capture ROI as fast as possible. 

The 5G revolution, Edge Computing and the demand for Distributed Data requires data centers to become greater in capacity and ability. This simultaneously increases the complexity and difficulty in managing the data center infrastructure.

The amount of data centers required for processing the exponentially increasing amounts of data for streaming, Al, AR and the Internet of Things (IoT) also puts a greater demand on capital expenditures. Companies must scale upwards quickly but efficiently with an eye on both performance and economy. lT executives are given a seemingly impossible task to expand services, improve efficiencies, manage the growth and stay within an already stretched budget.

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Modular Data Center Solutions

In addition to precisely prefabricated, modular structures and components, these high-quality Modular Data Centers efficiently utilize natural air and an evaporative cooling system to help maximize productivity from the lT infrastructure. Intelligent power distribution systems help self-monitor and regulate all activities within the structure.

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Features and Benefits of Modular Data Centers

Greater Flexibility

  • Fully modular design
  • Expandable as needed
  • Saves time and money on expansion enabling rapid deployment for scaling up with your business
  • Ideal for Hospitals, Universities, lT companies, and Edge Computing Sites

Fully Prefabricated

  • All components are precision-engineered, factory tested and integrated to ensure a perfect fit
  • Easier, faster and more accurately assembled on site
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Saves time on design, manufacture and installation which saves money

Modular Construction

  • Provides the best balance for IT components, cooling and management systems within a single module
  • Utilizes standard 19″ 42U server racks
  • Ensures everything fits and functions properly

High-Density Compact Design

  • Single rack power up to 35kW
  • Ability to install more high power nodes to deliver more computing capacity and support more in a limited space

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