Cable Managers Features and Benefits

  1. Conventional 1U or 2U Finger Duct or D Ring Cable Managers use valuable vertical rack space. AnD Cable Product’s Horizontal Zero U Cable Managers have been intelligently designed to mount in the same U space as the active device, so do not use ANY extra rack space

  2. Our Cable Managers have lances and slots deep and wide enough for (2) 1/2” wide Velcro Brand® OneWrap® Straps for cable management on the top of the shelf and a Velcro strap to manage cables below the support shelf using the same lance and slot
  3. Custom Velcro® Cable Straps (1/2” x 6” for Horizontal Managers and 5/8” x 12” for Vertical Managers) are included

  4. Our Cable Managers are designed to be installed with the mounting slots facing up or down, depending on the port access desired by the technician

  5. Conventional 1U or 2U Finger Duct or D Ring Cable Managers requires using at least 4 screws to attach. To mount our Horizontal Cable Manager you only have to partially back out 2 screws. Ideal when doing a retrofit to minimize disturbing the active device

  6. Our Cable Managers depths range from 2.8” to 12”. (2.8”, 3.8”, 6”, infinitely adjustable 5” to 9”, 10” and 12”). All made in the USA from a sturdy 16-gauge or 18-gauge cold rolled steel

  7. The 10” and 12” deep Cable Managers have a triangular gusset plate where it attaches to the rack and a 10” and 12” stiffening fold over flange. Use this organizer for fiber termination boxes that protrude 8 or more inches in front of the rack rails

  8. Our Cable Managers are a snap to install because they are designed to install inside of narrow cabinets, making a refit much easier overall and an easy install in any situation

  9. Our Cable Managers (Horizontal and Vertical) come in 2 standard colors – black and off-white. Custom colors can be accommodated

  10. Our Horizontal Cable Managers and Vertical Cable Managers are designed as a matched system but can just as easily be utilized independently

  11. All of our Zero U Cable Managers are backed by an UNLIMITED Lifetime Warranty – if found to be defective for ANY reason, at ANY time, we’ll ship you a new one at our cost

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