Stackable 1U Steel Blanking Panels


Control Air Flow and Add Support to Mounting Rails

Steel Blanking Panel are often used as a way to fill in any gaps and conceal empty rack spaces in a rack or enclosure. The use of Blanking Panels not only makes the racks look neat, clean, and organized, but when installed properly they provide added support to the mounting rails.

  • Steel Blanking Panel are critical for controlling proper air flow – especially in cold aisle/hot aisle applications
  • Universal / tool-less mounting – 2 oblong mounting holes and a square hole on each side instead of just the standard 2 holes. The square hole fits the panel in place with any standard size cage nut and screw or a quick connect push button. Save time and assure accurate alignment
  • Our 1U blanking panels are designed to be mounted stacked as high as 10 panels without binding. This allows you to use our 1U panels to close up to 10U open rack spaces instead of having to buy heavy, expensive and hard to handle large blanking panels.
  • Prevents dust from getting in

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Stackable 1U Steel Blanking Panels – Control Air Flow Cool a Hot Rack, Support Rails

AnD Cable Product’s industry leading Cable Rack Manager range has been intelligently designed to optimize data center server rack space.

  • Reduce your cable management equipment costs
  • Quality rack manager products are built to last from 16-gauge or 18-gauge cold rolled steel and are of a rugged, all welded construction
  • Our Cable Manager Systems are modular and can be configured to meet just about any cable management need in your data center
AnD Cable Products Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
Backed by AnD Cable Products Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

Our Horizontal Zero U cable manager sizes include:

Also available are 1U Steel Blanking Panels and ATX SignalOn Cable Support Shelf to help you manage the coax cables coming off the back of the RF modules – a staple in MSO headends (Cable TV data centers).

AnD Cable Products primary objective is to provide the highest quality, personalized service to our customers in a constructive, cost efficient and timely manner.

Minimum Order Limit: We have set a minimum order limit so that we can continue to offer high quality server optimization and cable management products at competitive prices. Our range is limited to products that are intelligently designed, increase efficiency, are durable and reliable, easy to use and that reduce equipment costs. We believe our focus on maintaining this standard serves you, our customer, the best, and trust that you agree. 

Additional information

Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions19 × 2 × 0.5 in
Blanking Panels Quantity

1 Blanking Panel, 5 Blanking Panels, 10 Blanking Panels