CAT6 28AWG (Skinny CAT6) Stranded Copper Cable Patch Cords – Snagless Premium Clear Claw Boot

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Standard and Custom 28AWG Network Cable Assemblies

AnD Cable Products can assemble CAT6 28AWG network cables to custom connector configurations and lengths – anywhere from 6 inch long to whatever length you need.

  • CAT6 24AWG network cables also available
  • Supplied with Snagless Premium Clear Claw Boots
  • Comes in a range of color options for color coded cable runs
  • Available in standard lengths or custom lengths and assemblies

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Patch Cord Considerations When Using CAT6 28AWG Stranded Copper Cables

TIA-568-C Standard specifies a maximum 100-meter length channel for copper cabling, which comprises 90 meters of permanent link cabling (typically solid cable) and a total of 10 meters of patch cabling. If you use 28-AWG patch cabling, you must adhere to a de-rating factor that reduces the maximum channel length achievable.

  • If your goal is to maintain the 90-meter permanent link, a total of 6 meters of 28-AWG patch cord can be used, for a 96-meter channel length
  • If your goal is to maintain 10 meters of total patch length, then the maximum permanent link length must be adjusted to 83 meters, for a maximum channel length of 93 meters

CAT6 28AWG Stranded Copper Cable Patch Cords – Standard & Custom Assemblies

We supply multimode fibre optic cable, single mode fiber optic cable and CAT6 24AWG or 28AWG network cable patch cords in a large variety of colors and lengths.

Looking for a customised solution? We create custom fibre optic cable lengths and configurations of fiber connectors and customize network cables anywhere from 6 inch long to whatever length you need.

AnD Cable Product’s primary objective is to provide the highest quality, personalized service to our customers in a constructive, cost efficient and timely manner. Our service philosophy is apparent in every interaction we have with our valued customers, most of which have been with us over decades.

Minimum Order Limit: We have set a minimum order limit so that we can continue to offer high quality server optimization and cable management products at competitive prices. Our range is limited to products that are intelligently designed, increase efficiency, are durable and reliable, easy to use and that reduce equipment costs. We believe our focus on maintaining this standard serves you, our customer, the best, and trust that you agree. 

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Weight0.1 lbs
Dimensions12 × 0.25 × 0.25 in
Network Cable Patch Cord Length

1 Foot, 2 Feet, 3 Feet, 4 Feet, 5 Feet, 6 Feet, 7 Feet, 8 Feet, 9 Feet, 10 Feet, 14 Feet, 15 Feet, 20 Feet, 25 Feet

Network Cable Patch Cord Color Codes

Orange 01, Yellow 02, White 03, Blue 04, Red 05, Green 06, Purple-Violet 07, Black 08, Beige 09, Gray 10, Pink 11, Fire retardant 15