Epson Labelworks PX Industrial Tape – 12mm 1/2″x30′ BLK on ORG – 212BOPX


Epson Labelworks PX Industrial Tape – 12mm 1/2″x30′ BLK on ORG – 212BOPX

  • Imprint Color – Black
  • Tape Color – Orange
  • Tape Width – 1/2″
  • Tape Length – 30′
  • Epson Labelworks Compatible Printers – LW-PX700 and LW-PX900

Introducing the Ultimate Data Center Cable Labeling System

AnD Cable Products and Epson Labelworks have joined forces to create the Ultimate Data Center Cable Labeling System:

  • UniTag® Reusable Cable Labels – A plastic snap-on cable labeling system that provides a quick and easy wpay to mark and identify cables
  • Epson Labelworks PX Printers – A portable label and wire marker solution with exclusive time and costsaving features for creating custom labels

Epson’s PX Label Tapes fit onto AnD Cable’s UniTag® Cable Labels PERFECTLY!

Here’s how our Ultimate Cable Labeling System ensure you boost speed, economy and efficiency:

  • Maximum efficiency – our system bundle gives you everything you need, portable to where you need it
  • Industry-leading savings – both products have been designed to save you money, every time you use them
  • Clarity and transparency – printed labels ensure clarity and generous plastic cable label sizes allow for 3 lines of information
  • Positively impact uptime – combined, they make cable identification and troubleshooting quick and easy
  • Enable color cabled runs – UniTag color options align to ANSI/TIA 606-B Cable Labeling Standards
  • No-risk! Purchase with 100% confidence – both top-quality products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty

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Download: Ultimate Cable Labeling System Brochure

Ultimate Cable Labling System - Epson Labelworks PX Printers and AnD Cable Products UniTag Cabel Labels

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Epson Labelworks PX Industrial Tape – 12mm 1/2″x30′ BLK on ORG – 212BOPX – Discover the Ultimate Cable Labeling System

Server cables that are clearly tagged and marked mean that you can troubleshoot easily and maintain uptime contracts. But data center cable labeling can be expensive. Reduce equipment costs of your cable labels by using durable and resuable plastic cable labels that can mark and identify virtually any size cable or group of network cables. Create color coded cable runs with ease, as UniTag color options align to the ANSI/TIA 606-B Cable Labeling Standards. Shop our UniTag Cable Labels and QuickPinch Cable Labels or buy Epson Labelworks Cable Label Printers and a variety of PX Printer tape catridges in bundles or on their own. Select from vinyl lables, heat shrink tape, magnetic labels, self-laminating labels and more to meet all your data center cable identification needs.

Increase data center efficiency with the Ultimate Data Center Cable Labeling System, comprising Epson Labelworks PX Printers – the best wire label maker – and the UniTag Cable Labeling System. Purchase a starter pack (which includes the handheld printer), or restock with our network cable label bundles. Save your team from running back for extra labels with the handheld printer keeping them efficient and able to work quickly. Attach the heavy-duty reusable UniTag labels to tag your network cables with relevant cable connection information.

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