Zero U Horizontal Cable Manager, Adjustable Depth, 5” to 7” deep


Revolutionize your rack space. Your goal is to optimize efficiency, cost, and ease of use. The “Zero U” Horizontal RackOrganizer® returns rack space to you by routing cables in the same space as your device. When you have a rack retrofit job, 25-35% of your space is occupied by traditional cable management that uses 1U or 2U. Use our “Zero U” Horizontal RackOrganizer® to make room on your rack. Recover space for more devices including the power supplies required for broadband, and create room for air circulation to keep your rack cool.

Adjustable Depth Horizontal Zero U Rack Organizer for equipment cabinet, 19″ wide, 5″ deep, Black, with 4 OneWrap 1/2″ x 6″cable management straps.  

Part Number:  83-RO8-19-05



A’n D Cabinet Systems cover any and all server, equipment, networking and audio/video hardware storage needs from full sized data center and Headend seismic rated cabinets, to small office installations and everything in between. Our cabinet systems are completely modular which allows expansion without any fear of obsolescence.  They are expandable, changeable, rugged all welded construction and can be configured to meet any demand. We aim to innovate in all areas such as cooling, expandability and always at an aggressive price structure with amazing availability.

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