Custom CAT6 23AWG Plenum Cables

CAT6 Plenum cable is 23AWG with 4 unshielded twisted pairs. A plenum cable can be referred to as ‘an Ethernet networking electrical cable that is rated to be run in plenum spaces of buildings’. Generally, this sort of space lies in between floors of a given building. Suitable for fast and gigabit ethernet, it offers bandwidth speeds up to 550MHz, and high-speed data transfer rates up to 1000Mbps. 

CAT6 23AWG Plenum Copper Ethernet Cables - Network Cables, AnD Cable Products
  • CAT6 Plenum Copper Cable
  • 4 Pair 550Mhz, UTP 23AWG
  • CAT6 Low-Smoke Plenum CMP Rated jacket

Industry Standards:

  • UL/CSA approved
  • ETL Verified to ANSI/TIE/EIA568A
  • ISO/IECC/1801


  • 10 Base-T (IEEEE802.3)
  • 100Vg-AnyLan (IEEEE802.12)
  • Token Ring (IEEEE802.5)
  • 100 Base-T (IEEEE802.3)
  • FDDI/CDDI 100 Mbps
  • ATM 155, 622 Mbps
  • 1000 Base-T

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