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Discover the Hidden Source of New Data Center Innovation (It’s Right Under Your Nose…)

Discover the Hidden Source of Data Center Innovations - Cable Management Blog

We’re often asked by our customers for help in devising the best cable and rack management solution. We appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the opportunities and challenges our customers face and enjoy working with them to find the best possible solution

There’s an additional benefit to understanding your customer more, one that may not be immediately apparent, but nonetheless has the potential to skyrocket your data center success. Understanding your customer can be a source of ingenious new innovations.

New Data Center Innovations can Equal Big Benefits

When you develop innovative products and services that more closely meet your customer’s needs, they have the potential to deliver some significant bottom-line benefits, such as:

  • Creating additional revenue streams through the introduction of new products and services
  • Fuelling demand for your products and services over the competition
  • Enhancing brand reputation by positioning you as advancing innovation in the industry
  • Increasing customer loyalty through the development of closer 2-way relationships
  • Greater customer satisfaction as they engage with you, contribute and impact outcomes

Here are 3 ways you can gain a deeper understanding of your customer and identify opportunities to innovate in your data center.

3 Strategies to Uncover the New Innovations Hiding in Your Data Center

  1. Ask your customers directly

    Some of your customers will be more than happy to share their opportunities and challenges with you – but you need to invite them to do so. Technology makes it so much easier to gather and collate their responses too. All you need do is ask!

  2. Ask your front-line staff

    Your font-line staff are those interacting with your customers on a daily basis, and they will likely already know many of the opportunities and challenges your customers face. But are you regularly capturing their knowledge and sharing it throughout your organisation?

  3. Form a Customer Advisory Board

    Forming a Customer Advisory Board involves your key customers on a more consistent basis. Invite your best customers to share their opportunities and challenges with you. Invite them use and provide feedback on your new innovations. Make it about them and their issues.

Once the ideas start flowing in you can develop, test and implement. If the innovation is not something you can develop yourself, approach your vendors with the idea and ask them to create it for you. Just like you, they will be on the lookout for new ideas and innovations too.

On that note – introducing OUR latest innovation (ta-da!) The Sliding Fibre Cable Management Tray

A technician who attended one of my presentations recently recently was frustrated with the fiber optic cable tray he uses. He found it difficult to reach into and keep the fiber cables organized.

To address this common issue, we’ve designed a fiber cable management tray that slides in and out of the rack, facilitating ease of access, and the Velcro loops keep fiber cables un-kinked and clearly ordered.

Having similar issues with your current fiber optic tray? Request a Quote!

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