Thursday 25 May, 2017

Velcro® RapidStrap

Spec Sheet: Velcro Cable Management

Velcro® RapidStrap

Call the sales group at 1-800-394-3008 for availability and a price quote.

4-Day Strap Fabrication Program From Velcro USA Inc.
Now in just 4 days, you can get up to 1,000 custom-made genuine VELCRO® brand straps in any of 4 styles, 3 widths and 3 colors. It's easy with RAPID-STRAPSM, the new quick delivery strap fabrication service from Velcro USA Inc. These straps are fabricated to the high standards you've come to expect from Velcro USA Inc., the worldwide leader in hook and loop fasteners. They're of the highest quality in the industry - and they're priced to compete!

It's easy to order your straps through the RAPID-STRAPSM program. Just follow these easy steps. Use the worksheet below for easy order planning.

1. Determine strap type and quantity required

Back Strap (VBS)

Face Strap )VFS)

Velstrap® Cinch Strap (VST)

Two Way Face Strap

2. Select desired tip shape

all widths

all widths

3. Select strap color


4. Select strap width and length
Widths - 5/8", 1", or 2"; maximum length pf 36".

5. Select effective hook length
Standard is 2 1/4" on Bel-tips; Straight-tip length is variable.

6. If ordering VELSTRAP® Cinch Straps, select D-ring style

Zytel (black and natural)
D-ring sizes: 5/8", 1", 2"

AC 302 (black)
D-ring sizes: 1", 2">

AC401 (black)
D-ring sizes: 1", 2"

PE415 (black)
D-ring sizes: 1", 2"

It's that simple! Your custom made straps will be fabricated and shipped to you within 4 days of receipt of your order. No long lead times. No high minimum orders. And no need to settle for anything less than genuine VELCRO® brand, the brand your customers know and trust.

Call us at (800) 394-3008 ext 105 for pricing ($100 minimum, Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted; COD orders are not accepted. Overnight delivery is available - please supply your overnight carrier account number.) or via fax at (925) 672-0317 or via Email.