Thursday 25 May, 2017


  • Cable Size Guide
  • Lets you secure and release cables quickly
  • Won't slide on cable
  • Safely suspend Sensitive cables under floors or against walls
  • Use with CableTie for Permanent Mounting
  • A’n D can help you design straps for special applications.
    Call us at 1-800-394-3008 for assistance.

Attaches to any cable permanently with the included cable tie. Our handy pull-tab release allows you to rearrange cable groupings with ease. The patented Velcro® and nylon tie design means it's reuseable.

 Cable Wrap Size   10 Pack Price   100 Pack Price   Select Color   Qty   Purchase 
 5/8"Wx6"L   $19.95   $175.00     
 1"Wx3"L   $21.95   $190.00     
 1"Wx6"L   $23.95   $220.00     
 1"Wx9"L   $26.95   $245.00     
 1"Wx14"L   $31.95   $285.00     
 1"Wx21"L   $36.95   $330.00